First of all, we would like to address the false statement of the Licensing Board in the letter to John Swindle. It states that the Board Inspector did not find any deficiencies with the work performed by CHASE ROOF INSPECTIONS. However, the inspector did not properly inspect the roof for any deficiencies. On September 29, 2020, a very obese white male, approximately 80 years of age, called the victim to ask if it was okay for him to come by on behalf of the State Board. He informed the victim that he had just gotten out of the hospital with Covid-19. When he arrived at the senior’s home, he exited his pickup truck without a mask on. The senior had to request that he put on a mask before coming into their home. The homeowner noticed that the gentleman had difficulty walking right away and asked if he needed a walking cane. However, while the inspector was at the home, he did not go up on the roof or into the attic to inspect for any evidence of rotten decking, which was one of the complaints. He also did not go into the utility room to view the decking boards for any signs of rot. Furthermore, the Inspector did not inspect the top of the roof to observe the poorly executed flashing and sealing work done by CHASE ROOF INSPECTIONS on the chimney, which is the reason for the recurring leaks when it rains. At that time, there was mold that had spread over the bricks and the top of the framing of the home. In the utility room, where Swindle’s crew had damaged a board, there is now green mold present. About 15 photos, mostly showing severely rotten decking covered up under a new roof by CHASE ROOF INSPECTIONS, were sent to the Licensing Board via email. According to my understanding, this is a code violation to install a new roof over rotten decking. 

However, it’s quite possible that John Swindle has a friend or allies within the Tennessee Licensing Board to cover up for his gross negligence. And maybe the Licensing Board never even knew about the complaint. But to lie and cover up something of this magnitude with a shoddy, leaking roof on your part appears to be very racist. When you look at the fact that Swindle is white, and the victim is African American or Black, and the photos of Swindle’s work, depicts clear instances of many codes violations and you find no deficiencies? Something is wrong with that mindset. Laws and rules don’t apply to Swindle because the victim was Black. When Swindle used the word (FOUL) toward a Black person in the fake email to the Board, he was blowing dog whistles to someone with the same mindset. This is nothing more or nothing less than downright deep-rooted racism and corruption in the Tennessee Board for Licensing Crooked White Contractors. 

Even though mold is known to be fatal and can be deadly to humans exposed to it in a home, the Tennessee Licensing Board doesn’t see it as gross negligence on Mr. Swindle’s part when he didn’t flash and seal the chimney properly, which caused mold to get into the attic. When the so-called inspector was at the home on 9/29/2020, he saw the mold up over the bricks at that time. There is a small opening with a door in the hallway ceiling where you can see the back of the chimney. Because the inspector was obese and unable to get through the opening, the owner provided him with his step ladder so the inspector could see it. When the owner asked the inspector what the white-looking substance was over the bricks on the wood, the inspector ignored the question and didn’t reply. We should have known then that the board or someone was planning a cover-up of the negligent work that Chase Roof Inspections did to the home, which caused the mold in the first place. It is very clear now that the Tennessee Licensing Board thinks that black people’s homes do not deserve to be properly repaired or that Black Lives Matter. 

Above is the letter emailed to the victim that had some code embedded in it to keep us from printing it out. But we were able to find a way around that and printed it. Besides it being a lot of B.S.s There was something that stood out about both letters. They had the courteous to refer to John Swindle as Mr. Swindle. However, in the letter to the victim, they could not find it in their heart and refer to him as Mr. Gooden. Which was very Disrespectful, when you look at the fact that Mr. Gooden is a senior citizen and a Black Man. Racism is very much alive and well. 



NEGLIGENCE FLASHING OF CHIMNEY CAUSEING LEAK IN ATTIC. This is part of the old cover flashing that was not replaced with new flashing at all. They spray painted it black to make it appear that they had replaced it.

The above photo tells you many things. One that they knew the rotten decking was there, because it is so excessive, and they would not have missed something of this magnitude. And if you notice the map of this iPhone photo. that is attached to the photo automatedly, The GPS puts that red circle right on top of the house where the photo was taken. This is just one of about 25 or more photos of rotten boards of the work that CHASE ROOF INSPECTIONS did not replace on this home, which was in the Contract to be replace. 

    The below email support and collaborate the following facts, that the victim had informed the DEPARTMENT OF COMMENCE AND INSURANCE on October 1, 2020, that the Inspector had not properly inspected the home for deficiencies of the poorly install roof. The follow up email was sent because it was so strange that the Tennessee Board for Licensing Contractor would send someone out on a job like this, when the person is not even able to perform the job of properly inspecting the home, of the type of complaint that was made against CHASE ROOF INSPECTIONS. The visit was not in good faith. Only to tell the (Big Lie) in support for John Swindle.