On 4/10/2020, John Swindle with CHASE ROOF INSPECTIONS signed a contract, as did the homeowner, to do a new roof replacement that was an insurance claim from a storm. The contract included replacing rotten decking. The first $50 cost of wood was included in the contract. Any amount over that would incur an additional cost for wood. This was acceptable to the homeowner because they were already aware of the rotten decking around the fireplace chimney that needed to be replaced before installing the new roof. 

When you have been in the attic as many times as the owner had prior to April 10th, the owner knew that was a priority. But it turned out that they didn’t replace all of the rotten decking around the chimney and other places when they installed the new roof. However, on June 24, 2020, after getting caught, their quality control person (Mick) visited the victim and asked a stupid question (“Did we do this roof?”). He knew they had done this roof and maybe that they had committed home improvement roofing fraud. 

On 4/17/2020, John Swindle’s roofing crew showed up around 7:00 AM and started to tear off the old shingles from the roof. The homeowner was awakened shortly afterward by the noise on the roof. Surprisingly, the crew didn’t even ring the doorbell to let anyone know they had arrived, as confirmed by the security cameras. When the owner went outside, they noticed that a significant number of shingles had already been removed. This caused concern because there was a flood alert in the forecast for the day. However, it didn’t take long for the crew to completely remove all the roof shingles. Unfortunately, no replacement shingles had arrived at that point. Eventually, the delivery truck showed up. The owner went inside to make a cup of coffee and have a little breakfast. Upon returning outside, they discovered that the new shingles were not the right color. The owner had specifically requested light gray shingles from John Swindle on 4/10/2020. However, the delivered shingles were charcoal black, which the owner later found out had been discontinued for as long as a year before Chase Roof Inspections installed the roof. Manufacturer, GAF, Home Depot, and Lowe’s all confirmed the discontinuation. 

However, we have not been able to understand why Mr. Swindle would get black shingles to install on a homeowner’s home rather than what the owner requested. And Mr. Swindle has not even given an explanation as to why he did so, which sounds untruthful. But seeing how the shingles were discontinued, one conclusion you can draw is that he got them at a very cheap price. On the other hand, the owner remembers the first day he met Mr. Swindler on 4/10/2020. Mr. Swindler had come by to give an estimate for a new roof. Swindle was parked in the driveway and the owner came out of his home’s side door into the carport area, and Mr. Swindle gave him a very strange look. It was the kind of look that black people recognize coming from someone like Mr. Swindle, who happens to be white. It’s a look that you never forget as a black person whenever you see it. You can’t help but wonder when you end up with a black roof that has a lot of poor installation issues, such as leaking every time it rains, and Swindle really shows no remorse. 


The above photos depict a clear instance of a code violation. According to the regulations in place, the decking material must meet certain standards, one of which is its solidity. In this particular case, it is evident that the decking in question is in a state of disrepair, with signs of rot and deterioration clearly visible. Such a condition not only compromises the structural integrity of the deck but also poses safety risks for individuals using it. 

Code violations are taken seriously as they are designed to ensure the safety and well-being of the occupants. By adhering to the established guidelines and maintaining the decking in a sound condition, homeowners can ensure a secure and enjoyable outdoor space for themselves and their visitors. Regular inspections and maintenance are vital to spot and address any potential issues promptly, preventing further deterioration and accidents. 

How did the whole situation come to light? On 6/13/2020, the homeowner hired a tree company to remove the large oak tree in the backyard. During the removal process, a very small rotten limb accidentally fell on the right side of the house’s roof. The owner decided to inspect the attic for any potential damage to the decking. They noticed a busted decking board in the valley, but not directly where the limb had fallen. The homeowner immediately contacted Chase, the company that had recently installed the new roof, to address the situation. The following week, one of the crew members who had worked on the roof arrived to repair the damaged board. However, on 6/22/2020, the homeowner decided to reinspect the attic to assess the repair job from the inside. It was during this inspection that they decided to check the area around the chimney and made a surprising discovery. Only a small, short piece of board on one side had been replaced, as shown in the accompanying photos. For nearly two months, the homeowner had believed that Chase had properly repaired all the rotten and damaged decking around the chimney and other areas on 4/17/2020, as stated in the contract for the new roof installation. However, it was revealed that no such repair had taken place. 

There was a strange incident that took place on 6/27/2020 that alarmed the homeowner.Around 3:00 PM, the owner had just hung up the phone after talking to his sister about the poor-quality roof installation. He looked at his security camera monitor and noticed that John Swindle was parked across his driveway. So, he rushed to the front door thinking that Swindle had stopped by to discuss the problems with the work. Keep in mind that the owner had just a few days ago also informed them that he had found out that CHASE did not replace the rotten decking around the chimney as well. However, as soon as the owner walked out onto the front porch in view of Swindle, Swindle pulled off and would not even speak or anything, only giving the owner a funny look as if he cared less. Actions speak louder than words sometimes. At this point, the owner is wondering what is wrong with this man. Does he think that black people’s homes don’t matter when it comes to repairs not being done as specified in the contract? It also made the owner have second thoughts about a comment the tree company owner, who accidentally dropped a small rotten limb on the house, had made about Swindle being a racist. The tree guy is a person of color (Mexican) and had called Swindle to ask how much the damage would cost. Swindle spoke to him in such a way and tone on the phone that it led him to that conclusion. 

On 6/28/2020, John Swindle placed a call to the homeowner’s cell phone while the owner was talking on the landline phone. He requested if it was alright to come that day and have one of his employees go into the attic and verify the rotten decking. They showed up that afternoon, and his guy went into the attic and came back down, telling Swindle that there was, in fact, rotten decking around the chimney, as the photos show. On that same afternoon, during their conversation, John Swindle admitted that the shingles he had used on the homeowner’s house were discontinued singles and not available anymore. He mentioned that there should be some sitting in a warehouse somewhere because when they did the busted board repair in the valley, they could not find a match with the discontinued shingle they installed on 4/17/2020, as you can see in the photo above. However, the homeowner had already found out about this from Home Depot, Lowe’s, and GAF, the manufacturer. All of them had informed the homeowner that the shingles used by Swindle had been discontinued in 2019. 


1. Fail to replace all of the rotten and damage decking around the fireplace chimney and other areas as stated on the contract when the roof was installed on 04/17/2020.

2.  Fail to install the Ice and Water shield membrane in the valley before installing the roofing, which is stated in his contract. And required by Code.  It is noticeable when you go in the attic, seeing how there is a half inch gap where the center of the valley decking meet. and the ice and water shield is suppose to be install onto the decking. I guess they didn't count on anyone going into the attic to check for that. Like they didn't expect for anyone to check for the decking not being replaced around the chimney. After this page was publish on 7/20/2020 we discover that the valley has leaking going on and the water does not run out of the valley good after a heavy rain has stopped  . There is also a rotten decking board where the valley meet that should have been replaced.

3.  Homeowner insurance estimate included money for new step flashing to be installed around the chimney, and CHASE contract stated for flashing and seal to be did. However, chimney has leaks now in places that it didn't have, after CHASE did the work. All due to them not installing new step flashing around chimney and trying to reuse only the old counter flashing that had problems to begin with.

4.   CHASE ROOF INSPECTIONS Contract has a 5 Year Installation warranty on it however, he does not honor it. It is meant to deceive you. Which is part of the Big Scam. 


    The homeowner happen to be an elderly disable senior citizen, that also is known by the SSA to have a vision impairment  to the point when the SSA send him mail it is printed on 12 1/2 by 12 inch sheets of paper in bold print. However it does not affect his ability to see colors good from a distance. John Swindle of CHASE ROOF INSPECTIONS took advantage of that by intentionally writing charcoal as the color on the contract even though the senior told him he wanted the same color that was already on the house. That is why this whole scheme started out from the beginning as a scam by  John Swindle. The audio recording on 4/10/2020 of the carport security system confirmed this. It backs up and save for two weeks or more.  So when black charcoal shingles was delivered on 4/17/2020 it didn't make any sense to the owner at first . However the homeowner was forced to accept any color at the time because there was a flood alert in the forecast for that day and all the shingles had been removed from the home at that time. And by the way according to Home advisory reviews this is not the first time Chase Roof Inspections has pulled this type of scam of not giving the owner the right color Shingles they had requested also we notice lately . 


      John Swindle of CHASE ROOF INSPECTIONS was paid extra in the amount of over $500.00 to make corrections on the contract but never made the corrections on the victim copy. Swindle received checks in the amount of $7000.00. $530.00  more than he wrote the contract for and still didn't have his workers to deliver on the contract. With all of the breaches on the contract it was a complete scam. 


Water Damage in hallway that ran down from Northside of chimney that was not Flashed Properly

   The north side of the chimney is right up above this area in the hallway. On 4/13/2020 the homeowner insurance adjuster inspected all of the rooms for damage and this hallway area didn't have this water damage on this date. However, CHASE show up on 4/17/2020 and put on the new roof without properly flashing and sealing the chimney and now this is the result. The homeowner insurance paid money for other rooms ceiling painting however, there was no damage on 4/13/2020 to this area at the time. However, the insurance did pay for the chimney to be properly flashed and sealed but CHASE failed to do that. CHASE have been given two difference opportunity to at least properly fix the chimney leak and there remain bad leakage. The problem is that CHASE ROOF INSPECTIONS took a lot of shortcuts in during this roof so he could pocket a larger profit. And the homeowner ends up with a sloppy, shoddy new roof installation did as a new Roof. 

    The busted board in the valley was not did by the tree removal company after all. It was discovered later that there are many busted boards all throughout the whole roof did by Chase Roof Inspections using that air impact hammer. We didn't notice it in the beginning. But after looking at the photo again a few months later, of the busted board in the valley. There is a new nail that just jump out at you in the first photo below. There wasn't any roofing damage on top of the house in that location.