Judge Betty Thomas Moore Unfit and Incompetent 

    It appears on November 15, 2021, that Judge Betty Thomas Moore had her own agenda to silence and block the case number (2066863). The case involved a white Contractor from Alabama, John Swindle of Chase Roof Inspections, that had installed a shoddy roof on the home of a senior citizen in Memphis Tennessee. A sitting Judge should be above reproach. She seems to not know the meaning of that, to have Integrity, and fairness. We believe that she does not even believe in the rule of law and think she is above the law. At one time that day, during those 15 minuets of a so-called trial, she made it clear that she had discussed the case with John Swindle perhaps. 

     The evidence was overwhelming, but Judge Betty Thomas Moore would not allow evidence to be presented. Yes, she blocked the evidence from the senior citizen but allowed the contractor to present whatever he wanted. She deviated from the rules and guidelines of having a real trial. There was no opening statement allowed by the senior citizen (Plaintiff), no cross-examination, allowed, and no closing statement from the Plaintiff whatsoever. It is crystal clear that it was staged and preplanned for benefit of the White Contractor. If Judge Betty Thomas Moore cannot serve with Integrity, she should step down and resign. She acted as Judge and Attorney for the Defendant. 

     On October 12, 2021, the funniest thing happens in this case. The case was set for trial, but it did not take place. The Defendant, John Swindle was sitting in court using his phone for some time. It wasn't that many people in there by that time. He had been during it all morning. However, it became obvious what he was during. About 15 minuet later Judge Betty Thomas, hung her head and stated, sir would you please turn your phone off. He had been texting away all that morning. However, it appeared that she was giving him favoritism, because of the time limit it took for her to finally say something about what Swindle was during. 

     Judge Betty Thomas Moore has a track record of not serving out justice fairly. The same Plaintiff that filed this home improvement fraud case against John Swindle of Chase Roofs Inspections, was rear-ended by a white lady, that was talking on her cell phone. This took place back about 22 years ago. However, the case was in this same Judge court room, Betty Thomas Moore. She allowed the lady to make fun and laugh out loud, about how she had hit the Plaintiff. However, Judge Betty Thomas wasn't fair at all. The Plaintiff, even today suffering with neck pain, backpain, shoulder pain, popping of his neck when he attempts to turn his head to the left or right. The Plaintiff had to end up going part time at work in 2001 as a result of the accident. 

    However, on November 15, 2021, there was another case of a senior citizen shoddy roof that was installed by Sears Home Improvement. The case was in Judge Betty Thomas Moore Court room also. She blocks and quash that case also. She had saved both of these two cases for the very last so no one could see and hear what she was going to do as it appears. Senior Citizens deserve much better than this, coming from a sitting Judge such as Betty Thomas Moore. She is a disgrace to the Judicial Civil Court System of Memphis Tennessee, Shelby County. It appears that Judge Betty Thomas Moore is as Corrupted as they come. 

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