Home Equity Line of Credit was signed on 4/14/2020 and had (3 ) business days to cancel with Notice of Right to Cancel DOCUMENT. Regions received the notice of right to cancel document on 4/16/2020 by Fax at the Midtown Branch fax no. (901) 722-7056 to Lesley L. McGhee and victim did receive a transmission verification report as you can see below. However it was also mailed to Regions Bank, 201 Milan Parkway, Birmingham, AL. 35211 on 4/16/2020 by way of Express overnight and received at 1:13 PM on 4/17/2020 and signed for by J. Jackson. Almost two weeks later a fraudulent account was put on victim credit report by Regions as a home loan that was opened on 4/20/2020. Has not been able to get any clear answers about what is going on. The proof of delivery by USPS shows at least two employees of Regions received the same document. Which leads you to believe this type of wrongdoing is sanction by REGIONS BANK . If you cancel your account, the deed of trust on your home is also cancelled. Within (20) calendar days after Lender receives your notice, Lender must take the steps necessary to reflect the fact that the deed of trust on your home has been cancelled. Regions has failed to comply with Federal Law at this point. REGIONS 20 days ended on 5/06/2020 according to the documents below. Meaning of (Cancel ) when it come to a Document. To annul: make invalid or to do away with. Some of the people working for REGIONS seems to not know what that mean. Maybe that is the bigger problem involved with this case. And they also don't know what : You have a legal right under Federal Law to cancel the account without ( Cost ) within (3) business days means. I don't know about you but however this is not a Bank that I would feel comfortable during business with anymore. And then they have the nerve to go and put a fraudulent account on your credit reports stating that you owe them money, which gets into the grey line of being criminal in nature.

Copy of the Fax report that was sent to Regions Bank on 04/16/2020 making them aware that the victim wants to cancel.

Above is Copy of the Proof of Delivery Letter where the Notice to cancel was mailed overnight to Regions Bank and sign for by a J. Jackson.