Memphis Police Department Lie About Traffic Stop

    On February 20, 2023, at about 8:00 PM a senior citizen that live in Memphis, TN, in the area of Evergreen and Vollentine were going down to Kroger at Popular and Cleveland to get a gallon of milk and a few other things. When you leave home, you don't expect to be harass by the Police and be safe. However, it didn't turn out that way. When the senior made it to Jackson and Watkins the red light caught him. While he was waiting for the light to change. He notices a white and blue police mark car pull up on his left side in the turning lane. The officer was white. Right afterward another car pulls right behind him that appeared to be dark in color. Within a few seconds the car behind the mark police car makes a sharp right turn and pulled in the lane right behind the senior citizen. The driver was almost up on the bumper of the senior vehicle. Which made the senior citizen take his foot off the brakes and move up about two feet. 

    Now the Horror begins when the light changes to green. After the senior proceeds though the green light. About 10 seconds later blue flashing light comes on behind him. The driver was a police officer also in the dark car that was almost all up on his bumper. The car was black, the officer was Black and dressed like one of the Scorpion units, in all black and had on a black full-face Ski Mask so you couldn't see his face. 

    The senior citizen had to ask the officer why he was being stopped. The petty and trivial answer was that one brake light wasn't working on the right side of the minivan. However, the senior wasn't even aware of that because he knew the brake lights had been working properly recently. The senior asked the officer if he would press down the brake pedal while the senior go to the back of the Van and see what he was talking about. The Officer stated that they weren't allowed to inner people vehicles. So, the senior told the officer that he could use his walking cane to hold down the brake pedal and they could go to the back of the minivan to have a look at the brake light.   

    However, both sides of the van brake lights were lit up the same brightness. And the big brake light at the top of the tailgate in the center was illuminated also. After being detained for 30 minuets or more, the Black officer with the ski Mask on, told the senior citizen that he could leave the scene. Also, after making it home that night. The bulb was taken out of the socket on the right side from the inside of the van, in plain view from the driver seat and the bulb had no defects as far as illumination. Every time you would step on the brake pedal, the blub would illuminate. 

   To sum it all up, the police officer really didn't have a legitimate reason for pulling the senior citizen over. There had not been any moving violations by the senior whatsoever. It seems that when you are driving while Black, you have a target on your back. There was a time when it was mainly White Police Officer violating Black People. Now we have Black police officers also during the job for them.  

  This all was just another black man being stereotype, racial profiled and pulled over without good cause. After the black officer with the Ski Mask on had ask for the senior driving license and ran him through the system and came up with nothing. He told the senior citizen that he wasn't going to give him a ticket. A ticket for driving while Black is what it would have been. Will this type of mentality of police officers ever end???